Valentine's Day at College of Health Sciences' New Park

Students enjoy the new outdoor area.

The initiative, aimed at promoting community spirit and physical wellness, encouraged students to gather their friends or venture out solo to make new ones. The emphasis was on diving into the excitement of the games, whether one was driven by a competitive spirit or simply in search of a relaxing way to enjoy the day.

The addition of the park, on a day blessed with beautiful weather, not only offered students a unique way to celebrate Valentine's Day but also marked the beginning of a new chapter in campus recreation. Amidst the laughter and competitive spirit, it's important to acknowledge the generosity that made such an event possible. The creation of Balboa "Park" and the joy it brought this Valentine's Day were made possible thanks to the gracious support of a benefactor whose commitment to the well-being of PLNU's students shines brightly. The McMullen family, through their generous donation, laid the foundation for what promises to be a cornerstone of campus life.

As the university looks forward to introducing more outdoor games in the future, Balboa "Park" is poised to become the go-to spot for students seeking leisure and community connection. This Valentine's Day, PLNU students didn't just share love; they made unforgettable memories filled with games, laughter, and community spirit.