Writer's Symposium by the Sea 2021 Available Online

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On March 23-25, the 2021 Writer's Symposium by the Sea went live, featuring writers from Point Loma Nazarene University. 

All interviews and events were recorded and are still available for streaming. See below for this year's list of events and links to watch!


Driftwood Student Short Film Festival

View winning short films from the 2021 Driftwood Short Film Contest, followed by interviews with the winning directors and Dr. James Wicks. 

1st: "The Freedom to Succeed" by Sage Taber & Lydia Sunberg
2nd: "Masked Smiles" by Sierra Huerta

1st: "DEEP IN MEXICO" by Ethan McKenzie
2nd: "The Art Major Stigmas" by Laura Sladich

Event hosted by Driftwood, Dept. of LJWL and Dept. of Communication Studies.

Theology Writing Discussion

Theology Writing Discussion with theologians Dr. Brad Kelle, Dr. Michael Lodahl, & Dr. Montague Williams. Moderated by Dr. Rebecca Laird.

Writing the Unspeakable: A Generative Poetry Workshop with Katie Manning & Margarita Pintado Burgos (4:30PM PST)

Dr. Katie Manning and Dr. Margarita Pintado Burgos hosted a live, online poetry workshop. This generative poetry workshop guided people through a process of writing about a difficult subject using their senses and figurative associations.

Interview with Katie Manning & Margarita Pintado Burgos by Dean Nelson

Interview with award winning poets Dr. Katie Manning & Dr. Margarita Pintado Burgos by Dr. Dean Nelson.

Interdisciplinary Academic Writing Panels

Two panel discussions on academic writing, moderated by Dr. Hadley Wood.

PANEL 1: Dr. Alain Lescart, Dr. Max Butterfield, Dr. Bettina Tate Pedersen, Dr. Kara Lyons-Pardue, and Dr. Karl Martin.

PANEL 2: Dr. Stephanie Smith Matthews, Dr. David Cummings, Dr. Carol Blessing, and Dr. Linda Beail.

Interview with Dean Nelson & Stephen Goforth

Interview with Dean Nelson, founder of the Writer's Symposium and the journalism program at PLNU, and author of Talk to Me: How to Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers, and Interview Anyone Like a Pro, by Journalism Professor Stephen Goforth.