Dr. Mike Dorrell smiles as he works with students on a research project.

TriBeta is the national biology honors society that is comprised of biology, biology-chemistry, and environmental science majors from PLNU.

Goals of TriBeta are to:

  • Enable those interested in biology and the impact of biology on the world to get together and learn, educate, and socialize
  • Help spread important information about biology
  • Inform students about the various vocational careers in the field of biology

Members of TriBeta participate in club activities like:

  • Conversations centered around biology and ethics
  • Hearing from guest speakers passionate about biology and making important scientific decisions in their career field (Past speakers have included local researchers in academia and industry, CEOs of local biotech companies, and experts on the issue of intersection of science and faith.)
  • Linking with local businesses and learning how to identify needs, find innovative solutions, and bring these ideas to life
  • Attending local schools as judges for science fairs, or performing biology demonstrations, etc.
  • Engaging in community work projects to clean the environment (beach and ocean cleanups, conservation projects, etc.)

All are welcome to attend TriBeta meetings and events, but full membership requires successful completion of Genetics (BIO 3045), at which point TriBeta participants who are registered with the national society will receive cords to wear at graduation.

Learn more by exploring the national TriBeta website.

To register for PLNU's TriBeta society, please see LeAnne Elizondo in the main biology office.