The path to getting a degree isn’t always an easy one, and sometimes life can get in the way of your future plans. That's why at PLNU our adult learners are met with tailored curriculums, flexible class schedules, and a dedicated community for students to not only be successful in their field, but have a life-changing experience in the process. Because we know how important this next phase of your educational journey is and want to support you every step of the way.

How to Navigate College as an Adult

Navigating college as an adult may seem impossible, but with this guide you will have steps to follow to achieve your dream of finishing your degree.

10 Habits of a Lifelong Learner

A lifelong learner is someone who considers learning to be an integral part of one’s life and experience. Here are 10 ways you can become a lifelong learner.

Top 10 Creative Digital Media Careers

Excel with your creative digital media degree in various career opportunities that thrive on marketing, digital design, motion graphics, and social media.