How does an MBA in Global Leadership Prepare You for Success?

How does an MBA in Global Leadership prepare you for success?

As the world continues to grow more connected, so does business. Global leadership is on the rise and businesses are looking for leaders who know how to operate in an international office. A Global Leadership MBA may be the answer for your next step into the world of international management because it teaches you to navigate the business world in the global world.

What is Global Leadership?

Global leadership describes individuals eager to dive into the international landscape, create effective cross-cultural communication, and promote growth for businesses all over the world. Being a global leader means being able to navigate a setting that could feel unfamiliar at first. It can mean devising a global business strategy to help an organization launch facilities to expand the company and its profits. It can also mean encouraging innovation in international organizations through effective team leadership. But how do you prepare for all of this?

Skills needed for global leadership are the ability to understand global marketing trends, excellent communication skills (with people of various cultural backgrounds), and strategic leadership. At the forefront, global leaders should understand the attitudes and perspectives of those they’re working with. Cross-cultural management includes communicating effectively across all languages and fostering an environment that prioritizes the diversity and inclusion of the company’s community. 

Why Study Global Leadership?

It’s a different scenario when you step outside your comfort zone. Students often gain important life skills stepping outside their own country by studying or interning abroad. Through these experiences, you can gain unique experiences that may even lead you to pursue a career that centers around international management.

Each PLNU MBA program equips professionals with important business knowledge, wisdom, and networking opportunities that are flexible enough to fit into a demanding work schedule. The program is also designed in a way that allows students to add a concentration to pursue their specific career goals. The Global Leadership MBA is the next step to learning the universal aspects of leadership in business administration and navigating cross-cultural communication in the workplace.

PLNU offers courses such as Global Business and Leadership and Diversity and Cultural Dynamics that prepare students to lead confidently in a variety of international business circumstances. Students have the opportunity to learn about topics such as the global monetary system, foreign investment, and inclusiveness in a work environment — all working together to make sure students leave the university ready to become the global leaders they’re called to be. 

Who are you called to be?

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The Global Leadership MBA includes an international travel component that allows students to take the leap of immersing themselves in an international business environment. Students not only have the opportunity to build an international network but also explore a new culture that will build a deeper appreciation for how different countries run their operations.

Studying global leadership not only provides you with international management skills but also makes you stand out in the job market. If you’re a candidate who can work in flexible environments while adapting to different leadership styles it can give you a competitive edge when lined up against other candidates.

How does Global Leadership Impact Business

More and more companies are looking to move into new markets. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade Development, the value of global trade and services increased to $7.7 trillion during the first three months of 2022. This means more nations are dependent on one another when it comes to the skills the other has to offer. It also means that as the world shifts internationally, so should businesses. 

Global Leadership Salaries: International Analyst-64,000-108,000, International Marketing Manager 89,000-164,000, Foreign Policy Advisor 94,000-172,000, Global Operations Manager 112,000-192,000, Global Management Consultant 112,000-192,000

When a company expands internationally, they get a new variety of customers. Global leadership allows professionals the opportunity to grow a wider audience of consumers, increase organizational growth, improve a brand, and promote ethical leadership and practices. An organization that takes part in prioritizing global leadership showcases to its consumers that they are not only adaptable but can thrive in a multicultural business world. When businesses choose to hire global leaders it can make the difference between success or failure when growing in an international setting. Forbes stated that 70% of larger organizations plan to increase their overseas assignments— signaling the need for global leaders more now than ever and knowledge of how to be one is an “absolute necessity” for someone wanting to succeed in the world of global economics.


5 Career Paths You Can Pursue in Global Leadership

International Analyst

Salary Range: $64,000–$108,000

An analyst who specializes in international management is responsible for analyzing and presenting data for a company that wants to grow globally. Detailed research on potential markets is crucial to provide accurate information to a foreign company.

International Marketing Manager

Salary Range: $89,000–$164,000

If your expertise is global marketing then this could be your path. International marketing managers work to help shape and produce marketing or advertising plans for an organization. This role includes promoting engagement across multiple countries, often creating unique marketing campaigns for different audiences.

Foreign Policy Advisor

Salary Range: $94,000–$172,000

In international management, a policy advisor provides advice on foreign policy topics. Most policy advisors will often use research to present their findings on a topic to an organization. These topics can include trade, environmental issues, political situations, economics, or even human rights issues that a company should be aware of.

Global Operations Manager 

Salary Range: $112,000–$192,000

The role of an operations manager is to ensure the regulations, policies, and procedures that an organization has in place will be able to maximize long-term profitability. Overseeing the operations of a global company includes team management, quality, and cost control, and making sure the company is being presented in the best light possible.

Global Management Consultant

Salary Range: $183,000–$325,000

Global management consultants are professionals who act as the guiding light to international organizations, offering them advice on issues such as management, strategy, and operations. Strategic leadership is essential to help an organization define its goals and a strategy to achieve them.

Make an Impact in Your Career

The world is at your fingertips—and it’s in need of leadership with experience in cross-cultural communication. Regardless of where you are in the world, a Global Leadership MBA teaches you skills that can be applied to almost any environment and equips you with a unique perspective on the world around you. Are you interested in kickstarting this journey? Learn more about PLNU’s Global Leadership MBA program, which equips you with the tools you need to be an effective leader in our increasingly connected world. 

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