Undergraduate Studies

Calling is so much more than a job or career – it’s about living into who God has called you to be. The PLNU undergraduate experience provides unique opportunities for you to engage, expand your mind, and lean into this journey of growth and exploration. Browse the resources here and learn more about our bachelor’s degrees, minors, and concentrations, as well as what it means to be a PLNU student.

Explore San Diego

Check out some of PLNU students' favorite activities and adventures in and around San Diego.

5 Common Questions Asked by New College Parents

Sending your child off to college brings plenty of strong feelings and emotions. One of the most prominent of which is uncertainty. We help answer some of the questions that can come with being a new college parent.

PLNU Student’s Guide to Off-Campus Study Spots

Whether it’s a chapter exam or finals, students like me can get overwhelmed when it comes to juggling stress, anxiety, and studying. Sometimes all you need to get back into the right headspace for studying is a new environment, and San Diego has plenty.

Your Guide to Coffee Shops in San Diego

We have you covered when it comes to San Diego coffee shops. From close-to-PLNU staples to picture-perfect locations, hidden gems, and everything in between — find your new favorite spot with this guide!

Top Holiday Activities to Celebrate a San Diego Christmas

Even though the streets are lined with palm trees and the thermostat doesn’t drop below 50 degrees, San Diego offers many holiday festivities for all to get into the Christmas spirit. Ice skating by the beach and seeing Santa Claus surf are only a few activities unique to the southern California area.

Last-Semester Tasks to Get You Ready for Post-Grad Life

Your last semester of college is bittersweet. On one hand, you’re excited for the future and what’s to come. On the other, it’s scary to leave college behind and enter into the future with all of the unknowns. Here are a few tips you can focus on to head into post-grad life as prepared as possible.

Proactively Planning Your Finances While Still in School

Thinking about your personal finances can be overwhelming. Being fully present at college can make it even harder to plan for the future. To help avoid some of that strain here are some ways you can work to get your finances on track while still in school and ensure a brighter financial future.

The 10 Best Hikes in San Diego County

San Diego offers a ton of great hiking trails for all levels. We rank the 10 best hikes in San Diego County from easiest to hardest here.

10 San Diego Landmarks to Explore on the Weekends

Known for so much more than surfing and beaches, San Diego has deep cultural roots, a rich military history, and incredible natural resources to explore — all within an easy drive from the PLNU campus.