Hailey Keeter

Marketing, Class of 2105

The oldest greek amphitheatre in the western hemisphere during sunset at PLNU in San Diego.

What have you been up to since graduation?

After graduation, I moved to the Ventura, CA area to intern at the Patagonia HQ. I interned for 5 months on the Supply Chain Performance Management team. I knew I didn't want to stay in supply chain management forever, so spent the summer working hard and networking with co-workers (on the advice of my former PLNU professors) and eventually landed a job in the marketing department. I'm currently working as a marketing operations coordinator and absolutely loving it! I am so grateful to work for a for-profit company that is doing really great work to give back environmentally and socially. I have already learned so much and am excited to continue to be challenged and grow within the company.

How has the CID helped you in achieving your goals? 

I don't think I'd be where I am today without the help of the CID! It was through my sustainability studies minor (the courses and the professors) that I discovered I wanted to work for a company like Patagonia. Class discussions were always so rich and thought-provoking. I knew I couldn't settle for mindless work post-college. PLNU professors always challenged me to set the bar high and do meaningful work. Thank you God and thank you CID/PLNU for everything. I am eternally grateful!

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