Intentionally Cultivated Care

When it comes to student life and activities, the good news is that San Diego and our campus are great places to be outdoors all year round. Many of our activities and gatherings will be held outside, in order to keep that community experience while following guidance. There will also be access to Spiritual Life and Student Life resources and activities regardless of state guidance, as we have plans for both in-person and virtual engagement. You can get connected with a mentor, access career services, join small groups, attend and/or watch chapel, and more.

Spiritual Life

Our Chapel theme for this year is Love Embodied. We are excited to journey together as a community and discover how we can become more like Christ, the one who shows us the way of love and calls us to do the same.

Chapel will continue to be available through a variety of experiences and formats as we prepare to return to Loma, including:

  • Monday: Morning Community Chapels, livestream from Brown Chapel and available through the Canvas Chapel Course
  • Wednesday: Morning Community Chapels, in-person gatherings in the Greek Amphitheatre with livestream attendance available through the Canvas Chapel Course
  • Thursday: Evening Chapels, in-person gatherings in the Greek Amphitheatre
  • Friday: A menu of options and formats will be available, both in-person and virtually through Alternative Chapel Engagements (A.C.E.) listed on the Canvas Chapel Course
  • With a return to campus, all Alpha groups for freshmen will re-launch in person, D Groups, PLNU’s self-select small groups for all sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be offered as well 
  • Opportunities to worship, pray, and connect will continue to be available through @plnuchapel on Instagram

Chapel will still be required. However, given the uniqueness of navigating the complexities and challenges of a global pandemic, Chapel requirements will be reduced and will be able to be earned through a variety of different opportunities and formats.

Student Life

We remain committed to a rich, well-rounded, and close-knit community experience and are excited to invite our students back to campus. 

This past fall we were able to expand student housing, but we acknowledge that because of COVID and our split campus community that the campus experience was different. While COVID does change some things, we have the guidance and experience gained from the fall informing our planning for life on campus this spring.

Wellness Center

The PLNU Wellness Center provides the following services for undergraduate students who experience stress, depression, and/or anxiety in this season:

  • LomaCare virtual, 24/7 on-demand counseling services
  • Virtual assessment of depression, anxiety, and other mental health related issues
  • Crisis intervention
  • Free, confidential individual counseling appointments  
  • WellTrack (interactive, self-help, psychoeducational modules, and more)
  • Referrals to local practitioners 
  • Support groups
  • Training and educational Workshops
  • Registered Dietitian consultations to help with:
    • Nutritional needs
    • Sports nutrition and performance 
    • General healthy eating and food choices
    • Strategies for managing food allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities

The Wellness Center will also provide the following medical services to undergraduate students:

  • LomaCare virtual, on-demand urgent care medical services
  • Referrals to Local Healthcare Providers

Graduate students and Adult Degree Completion students are welcome to contact PLNU’s Wellness Center for assistance with referrals for access to medical and counseling services through off-campus health care providers and community resources. 

If you would like to make a medical appointment call the Medical Triage Hotline: (619) 849-2280. 
For all other inquiries call the Wellness Front Desk at: (619) 849-2574.

Who can I contact if I need more information?

  • Questions regarding spiritual life and chapel can be directed to: Vice President for Spiritual Development Mary Paul (
  • Questions regarding telehealth and other wellness resources can be directed to: