CJR Ambassador Program is Larger than Ever!

CJR Students

The Center for Justice & Reconciliation (CJR) engages students across the Point Loma Nazarene University campus in our work with a student-led Ambassador Program. Every school year we aim to equip student ambassadors to apply their academic education to difficult conversations about the complex world we live in. Dana Calhoun was a CJR Ambassador as a Freshman and has reapplied for a second year.

Through meeting regularly, volunteering together, and hosting campus-wide events, the Ambassador Program provides a space to grow and learn while processing complex social justice issues. The CJR is very encouraged to grow our Ambassador Teams into two teams of 14 , and accepted 29 CJR Ambassadors. Needless to say, we are very excited to begin the semester off with some great conversations! Meet the Spring 2021 CJR Student Ambassadors:

Ambassador Team Led by Zach Lyons

 I am looking forward to helping run the ambassador program because of how beneficial it was for me in my first year of college. I think it is a great place for students to learn about different issues in our community.

~Zach Lyons

Annika Chong - Sophomore, studying Elementary Education with a minor in Therapeutic Psychology
Ashlee Owings - Junior, studying Multimedia Journalism-Writing
Emma Peters - Sophomore, and is Undeclared
Frances Margaret Quintana-Guzman - Senior, studying Criminal Justice
Isabel Rico - Freshman, studying Psychology
Isabella Huljev - Junior, studying Visual Art
Joy Kim - Biology-Chemistry, Premed
Katrina Cloyes - Sophomore studying Psychology with a minor in Sustainability
Keira Niemeyer - Freshman, studying Criminal Justice
Lainie Alfaro - Freshman, studying Multimedia Journalism - Writing
Ryan Cecil - Sophomore, studying Biology-Chemistry
Sarah Gleason - Sophomore, studying Sociology and minoring in Visual Arts
Sneha Kollu - Marketing and Information Systems
Sophia Anderson - Sophomore, studying Business-Accounting

Ambassador Team Led by Danielle Jorgensen

"As a freshman I first connected with the CJR by joining the Ambassador Program. It was here that I discovered a place I could call home within PLNU. I found an amazingly supportive community of people that shared my passions for social justice and helped me to learn how to use my voice in advocacy. I am honored to lead and grow the Ambassador Program because I want my peers to be able to share in this opportunity of growth and support as they pursue a more just world."

~ Danielle Jorgensen

Anna Joy Griffin - Freshman, studying Psychology
Claire Brucker - Freshman, studying Political Science
Dana Calhoun - Sophomore, studying Christian Studies and minoring in Non-Profit Management
Emily Merrell - Junior, studying Psychology.
Erin O’Crowley - Junior, studying Psychology
Jessica White - Sophomore, studying Environmental Studies
Jessica Buell - Sophomore, studying International Studies 
Lila McNeal - Freshman, studying International Development
Lindsey Dishon - Sophomore, studying Social Work
McKenna Smith - Freshman, studying International Studies & Criminal Justice
Mikayla McKinsey - Sophomore, studying Nursing
Katie Quinn - Sophomore, studying Psychology
Robyn Austin - Sophomore, studying Sociology
Savanna Cuthbert - Freshman, studying Sociology and Criminal Justice

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