CJR Ambassador Program is Larger than Ever!

CJR Students

The Center for Justice & Reconciliation (CJR) engages students across the Point Loma Nazarene University campus in our work with a student-led Ambassador Program. Every school year we aim to equip student ambassadors to apply their academic education to difficult conversations about the complex world we live in. Dana Calhoun was a CJR Ambassador as a Freshman and has reapplied for a second year.

Through meeting regularly, volunteering together, and hosting campus wide events, the Ambassador Program provides a space to grow and learn while processing complex social justice issues. The CJR is very encouraged to receive the largest pool of applicants this year and have decided to grow our usual two Ambassador Teams into three, this has allowed us to accept 37 CJR Ambassadors. Needless to say, we are very excited to begin the semester off with some great conversations! Meet the 2020/2021 CJR Student Ambassadors:

Ambassador Team Led by Bridget Stephenson

As a CJR Ambassador my freshman year at PLNU, I appreciated and understood the uniqueness of belonging to a team of people who are motivated to pursue social justice. It is a place to learn, grow, and create community while having a greater purpose!

~ Bridget Stephenson

Brooke Celani is currently a Freshman, studying Criminal Justice.
Emily Merrell is currently a Junior, studying Psychology.
Erin O'Crowley is currently a Junior, studying Psychology.
Jess Hernandez is currently a Freshman, studying Political Science Major.
Jessica D White is currently a Sophomore, studying Environmental Studies.
Keira Niemeyer is currently a Freshman, studying Criminal Justice.
Kyla Kinzle is currently a Freshman, studying Political Science.
Lila McNeal is currently a Freshman, studying International Development.
Mikayla McKinsey is currently a Sophomore, studying Nursing.
Robyn Austin is currently a Sophomore, studying Sociology.
Savanna Cuthbert is currently a Freshman, studying Sociology and Criminal Justice.
Sophia Anderson is currently a Sophomore, studying Business- Accounting.
Trieste Oatis is currently a Sophomore, studying International and Christian Studies.

Ambassador Team Led by Zach Lyons

 I am looking forward to helping run the ambassador program because of how beneficial it was for me in my first year of college. I think it is a great place for students to learn about different issues in our community.

~Zach Lyons

Alexis Romo is currently a Freshman, studying Biology.
Ariel Stevens is currently a Senior, studying Social Work and Sociology.
Elaine Alfaro is currently a Freshman, studying Multimedia Journalism - Writing.
Emma Peters is currently a Sophomore, and is Undeclared.
Isabel Rico is currently a Freshman, studying Psychology.
Jessica Acuna is currently a Senior, studying Psychology.
Katie Quinn is currently a Sophomore, studying Psychology.
Paige Allen is currently a Sophomore, studying Psychology.
Ryan Cecil is currently a Sophomore, studying Biology-Chemistry.
Sarah Gleason is currently a Sophomore, studying Sociology and minoring in Visual Arts.
Sneha Kollu is currently a Sophomore, studying Marketing and Information Systems.

Ambassador Team Led by Danielle Jorgensen

"As a freshman I first connected with the CJR by joining the Ambassador Program. It was here that I discovered a place I could call home within PLNU. I found an amazingly supportive community of people that shared my passions for social justice and helped me to learn how to use my voice in advocacy. I am honored to lead and grow the Ambassador Program because I want my peers to be able to share in this opportunity of growth and support as they pursue a more just world."

~ Danielle Jorgensen

Anna Joy Griffin is currently a Freshman, studying Psychology.
Annika Chong is currently a Sophomore, studying Elementary Education with a minor in Therapeutic Psychology.
Araceli Miranda is currently a Senior, studying Criminal Justice.
Ashlee Owings is currently a Junior, studying Multimedia Journalism-Writing.
Claire Brucker is currently a Freshman, studying Political Science.
Dana Calhoun is currently a Sophomore, studying Christian Studies and minoring in Non-Profit Management.
Ella Osterweil is currently a Junior, studying International Development.
Frances Margaret Quintana-Guzman is currently a Senior, studying Criminal Justice.
Isabella Huljev is currently a Junior, studying Visual Art.
Joy Kim is currently a Sophomore, studying Biology-Chemistry, Premed.
Lindsey Dishon is currently a Sophomore, studying Social Work.
McKenna Smith is currently a Freshman, studying International Studies & Criminal Justice.
Tania Morales is currently a Freshman, studying Criminal Justice.

Meet the CJR Student Staff behind this initiative.