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April 15, 2020 Brewed Awakening: Human Trafficking 101

Human Trafficking 101

Thank you for watching our Webinar: Brewed Awakening Human Trafficking 101!

If you missed the live webinar, click here to watch the recording where we discuss:

These days we hear about human trafficking, but what is it really? Where is it happening? Who does it happen to? What can I really do about it? 

Our speakers mentioned many ways to get involved. We have listed them here for easy reference. If you have any questions, please reach out to or sign up for updates from the Center for Justice & Reconciliation. Thank you for joining us in the fight to end human trafficking.  



Charisma De Los Reyes

Ways to get involved:

  • Help to end the cycle by investing in prevention of human trafficking through the school reporting protocol model, theater-based awareness training, and prevention and intervention training programs.

  • Shift toward an inclusive justice approach through addressing social issues that create inequality. Do this by protecting human rights to prevent the issues that make individuals vulnerable in the first place.

  • The San Diego County Office of Education provides this CSEC Protocol for Schools

Resources for those affected:

Keelin Washington

Ways to get involved:

kNOw MORE human trafficking awareness and prevention curriculum

  • Action steps:

  • The curriculum is completely free to schools. The educators and students receive the tools from kNOw MORE at no cost. If you would like to help fund this life-changing program, you can donate by visiting the website

  • To bring this education program to your school, please email Catherine Hanna Schrock at Virtual education will be available for schools beginning May 1, so don’t let the current situation halt prevention and awareness!

  • You can become an advocate by emailing Catherine Hanna Schrock at

  • If you would like any more information on how to get involved, please visit the website at

  • Prevention Collective tip cards

Generate Hope

  • For all of the opportunities below, please visit our website at to take the next step or email

  • Support the program financially by donating.

  • Become a mentor or hands on volunteer.

  • Provide pro bono services from your speciality such as (but not limited to) chimney sweep specialist, esthetician, financial analysts and debt specialists, florists, IT specialists, maintenance, massage therapist, restaurant and business partnership, staff support committee, and tutoring. Generate Hope is open to any other supportive specialities and partnerships.

Jessica Kim

Ways to get involved:

  • Center for Justice and Reconciliation

  • Sign up for the monthly newsletter at to keep up-to-date with the upcoming events and current information. 

  • As a nonprofit, the CJR needs your help financially to keep our programs up and running and to support the development of our new programs. Donate through our website. You can donate to the Center for Justice and Reconciliation in general as well as choose specifically to donate to the Beauty for Ashes Scholarship to sponsor a survivor.

  • If you have any questions or comments and would like to keep the conversation going with Jessica, you can email her at

  • Check out 10 Things You Can Do to End Human Trafficking

More about our speakers:


Charisma De Los Reyes

Charisma De Los Reyes, MSW, is a Project Specialist for the San Diego County Office of Education, Student Support Services Division.  Her area of practice is student wellness and developing positive school climate. She also has over 15 years of social services experience in child welfare investigations, family preservation and engagement, placement and congregate care as well as the development and implementation of community child maltreatment prevention projects.  Charisma has been recognized for her advocacy and dedication to children who have experienced child abuse and neglect, in addition to her efforts to develop cross-system procedures for collaboration and coordination in child protection.  And for these efforts she received Senator Pro Tempore Toni Atkins’ Woman of the Year award. She’s been a community organizer and activist with 20+ years experience engaging in social justice and advocacy work.  She is also an adjunct professor at Point Loma Nazarene University and University of Southern California (USC) lecturing on topics such as gender-based violence, innovation and social impact.

Jessica Kim

Jessica Kim is a graduate from PLNU and a Master in Social Work Candidate. Jessica is a human trafficking survivor’s advocate with almost 10 years of experience in prevention, education, research, and public speaking. After she escaped 10 years of sexual exploitation under the control of her step-father, she found freedom through education. Passionate about learning and books, Jessica now uses her knowledge and life experience to educate and inspire a wide range of audiences, including teens, survivors, researchers, teachers, counselors, social workers, and law enforcement. Through her work with San Diego Child Welfare Services, she developed expertise in System Dynamics, a program designed to tackle dynamic social issues with innovative, design-driven, and transdisciplinary solutions. She is currently in the development stage of OnRamps, a multidisciplinary, collaborative effort to build financial opportunities to independence for survivors of trafficking. She is vice president of the Survivor Leader Network of San Diego and on the Advisory Council as the Survivor Voice for The San Diego Regional Human Trafficking & the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Advisory Council.

Keelin Washington

Keelin Washington is currently completing her Social Working and Psychology dual-degree program. She is a lived experience expert who has dedicated her life to making a difference. She is currently a lead program facilitator of the kNOw MORE program, an anti-human trafficking awareness curriculum for middle school and high school age youth.  She has taught at schools all over San Diego County, talked with thousands of students, and partners with other lived experience experts to continue the work. She is Lead Transition Resident Guide at Generate Hope, a safe house for survivors of human trafficking.  There she is able to walk alongside the ladies into the transition back into the community. She has spoken at the Hope Rising conference and has done a training video for companies who work with survivors. Since escaping her trafficker she has dedicated her life to bringing awareness and recovery to the community and survivors she serves.