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Marketing Office

Who We Are

Marketing serves as PLNU's in-house team of designers, communicators, strategists, and other professionals working to support PLNU's branding, recruitment, and engagement goals. Through various print, web, media, data, and strategic services, our purpose is to help clients across the entire university community connect with current and prospective students, families, alumni, supporters, the public, and more. Request a project or check out the PLNU Brand Center for guides and tools for your own brand usage goals.

What We Do

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Brand Center

Marketing is responsible for the management, awareness, and perception of PLNU's brand, which we achieve through marketing and ad campaigns, content management, strategy and data analytics, and more. Our brand center has created tools and guides to help you to get to know the PLNU brand, and has provided resources for other departments and clients to create content that aligns with PLNU brand standards.

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Website Management

While the official PLNU website is managed and updated by Marketing, departmental staff and faculty can make changes by request via email to WebHelp or by attending a web training.

The Educational Access Center is located at the right side of Bond Academic Center on PLNU's campus.


Marketing has created templates for internal and external communications via the Canva platform. This supports the needs of the campus community by providing pre-designed templates for flyers, banners, presentations, social media posts, and more that align with PLNU brand guidelines. These templates are perfect with projects or resources that require quick turnaround times, or items that go beyond what Marketing has the capacity to support. 

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Social Media

Follow PLNU's official social media channels and content for the latest updates across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more. 

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Photography and Video

Browse, download, and share from our curation of official PLNU photos and videos updated regularly.

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PLNU Logos

An important part in PLNU’s brand identity is its logo design. Marketing offers several official PLNU logo variations, as well as a usage guide that will help you find the best version for every situation.

We also offer pre-made lockups for our sub brands (such as PLNU Schools and Departments), and provide typography and color palette guidelines.

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Viewpoint Magazine

The Viewpoint magazine provides relevant and vital stories that grapple with life's profound questions from a uniquely Christian perspective. The Viewpoint print magazine is published three times a year in spring, summer, and fall, and online content is uploaded regularly.

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Request a Project

Marketing provides creative and graphic design services for various PLNU programs, departments, communications, and fundraising projects. You can also browse the Brand Center for official PLNU visual design elements in support of your own individual, departmental, or group projects.