PLNU Brand Center

Every member of the PLNU community — faculty, staff, students, and alumni — serves as an ambassador to the PLNU brand and mission. It's a role that comes with great joy in carrying on our collective stories, and traditions, but also great responsibility in doing so accurately and consistently. Here in the Brand Center, you’ll find tools and guides to help maintain consistent visual, digital, written, and verbal style and messaging to represent the PLNU brand.


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Behind the Brand

Get to know more about the story, pillars, and dimensions behind the brand that makes PLNU stand out from any other institution. 

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PLNU Photos

Browse from a curated selection of official PLNU photos, updated regularly. 

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PLNU Logos

An important part in PLNU’s brand identity is its logo design. Marketing offers several official PLNU logo variations, as well as a usage guide that will help you find the best version for every situation.

We also offer pre-made lockups for our sub brands (such as PLNU Schools and Departments), and provide typography and color palette guidelines.

The Educational Access Center is located at the right side of Bond Academic Center on PLNU's campus.


Marketing has created templates for internal and external communications via the Canva platform. This supports the needs of the campus community by providing pre-designed templates for flyers, banners, presentations, social media posts, and more that align with PLNU brand guidelines. These templates are perfect with projects or resources that require quick turnaround times, or items that go beyond what Marketing has the capacity to support. 


Contact Us

Reach out to PLNU's Marketing team for all your brand needs from website help to questions about brand usage to project requests.