Campus Services

Vehicle Jump Starts and Unlocks

Public Safety provides jump starts for motorists with a disabled battery and may be able to assist motorists who are locked out of a vehicle. Please call (619) 849-2546 to request a jump start or vehicle unlock. By making such a request, the requestor releases Public Safety and PLNU from liability for any and all damages that may result from the rendering of service.

Courtesy Escorts

Public Safety provides on-campus courtesy escorts for those who are ill, injured, or disabled, as well as safety escorts for those who request them. To request an escort, call (619) 849-2546.

Special Events and Parking Reservations

Public Safety is available to provide building unlocks, reserved parking, traffic control, and security for certain approved university events. Requests must be submitted online in advance.

University ID Cards

Public Safety is responsible for the issuance, control, and replacement of university ID cards for all students and employees. Lost, stolen, or damaged cards should be immediately reported to Public Safety so they may be deactivated and replaced. Replacements are available in the Public Safety office seven days a week; a $10 replacement fee may apply. Protective card holders and lanyards are available at no cost.

Shuttle Services

All on- and off-campus shuttles, including the accessibility shuttles for individuals with special needs and the airport/train station shuttle, are operated by Campus Facilities' Transportation Department. An off-campus shuttle service is provided for freshmen and other students.

Bicycle Registration

Bicycles belonging to PLNU students, staff, and faculty must be registered with Public Safety. Registration may be completed online and approved permits picked up in the Public Safety office.

Registering a bike makes it easier to identify if it is stolen and recovered. Find your bicycle serial number.

Unregistered bicycles or bicycles that appear abandoned are subject to removal by Public Safety. Impounded bicycles will be kept by Public Safety and donated to a local charity if unclaimed by the rightful owner in a reasonable period of time.

Additionally, to protect against theft, Public Safety recommends using high-quality U-Lock locking mechanisms, often superior to ordinary cable locks, which can be quickly and easily cut.