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Gallup Strengths Finder 3-Week Series

Strengths Finder

A part of the OnRamps Collaborative, led by Jessica Kim, MSW & Kimber Worthy

Ready to discover where you exceed? Discover your strengths through this Gallup Strength Finder 3-week series!

The Gallup Strength Finders is a personal development tool which provides an individual with their top 5 strengths. You will discover your natural patterns of thinking, feeling, relationship building, influencing and behaving and use your own personal strengths and talents to achieve your ultimate goals.

A 3-week Strength Finding Series

  1. Name Your Strength (July 27th)

  2. Claim Your Strength (August 3rd)

  3. Aim Your Strength (August 10th)

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You can contact Jessica Kim, MSW at for more information