A large crowd packs PLNU's Greek Amphitheatre for Commencement

Graduation Shop

A student walks down the Campus Mall

Alumni Bricks

You can purchase a PLNU Alumni Brick online. If you have any questions, please contact Bekah Van Bruggen at (619) 849-2586 or bekahvanbruggen@pointloma.edu.

PLNU students line up for convocation


Announcements can be ordered online or by calling CB Graduation Announcements at (800) 433-0296. For assistance with listing degrees, please contact the Records Office at (619) 849-2289. Announcements take time to produce, so make sure to order early!

Note: To be eligible to order announcements, a final grad check needs to be completed in the Records Office for undergraduate students and an Application for Degree Candidacy needs to be filed for graduate students.

A nursing graduate waves to the crowd at Commencement.

BSN Nursing Pin

For information about ordering a pin for a BSN grad, please contact Marsha Reece at (619) 849-7055 or marshareece@pointloma.edu.

A student smiles as he gets ready to receive his diploma

Cap and Gown Photos

If you attended either our Senior Dessert/Grad Fest or Second Chance Grad Fest event and had a cap and gown photo taken, you can view/order your photos here.

A male student points to the crowd after receiving his diploma

Class Rings

You can order a class ring online.

PLNU students take a selfie as they wait for commencement to begin

Commencement Day Photographs

A photographer from Commencement Photos, Inc. (CPI) will take an official photograph of graduates shaking hands with Dr. Brower as they receive their diploma tubes or folders. Several weeks prior to commencement, CPI will send students a packet to the permanent home address on file with PLNU that includes an order form and ID number that will be required for viewing and ordering photos online. If you did not receive the form and ID number, please call CPI at (978) 851-5924 for assistance.

To avoid confusion and congestion during the awarding of degrees, we ask that guests please take personal photographs of graduates off-stage or using one of our temporary photo seats.

Hands raise in excitement after receiving graduation diplomas

Diploma Frames

Diploma frames can be purchased by visiting the websites below or ordering from the PLNU Common Knowledge bookstore.

Framing Success
Church Hill Classics

Pink flowers face the morning sunlight


For those who desire to purchase floral bouquets and/or lei, the university engages the services of Commencement Flowers. Several flower booths are located near the Greek Amphitheatre for the convenience of guests. You can pre-order your flowers online to be picked up at one of the booths on Commencement day. If you prefer to purchase your flowers onsite, credit cards will be accepted.

Three PLNU students show their school pride with PLNU sweatshirts as they run on the track.

PLNU Memorabilia (PLNU Common Knowledge bookstore)

For additional PLNU merchandise (pennants, mugs, blankets, etc.), please visit the online bookstore.