Meet the Team

Sharon Ayala
Associate Vice President for Marketing

Dave Gladson
Executive Director of Marketing

Lora Fleming
Director of Communications

Jill Chou
Director of Brand & Creative

Nate Hamill
Director of Content Strategy

Erin Togerson
Director of Marketing Operations 

Melissa Harter
Email and Content Manager

Christine Spicer
Editor and Marketing Copywriter

Taylor Pizzuto
Copy Editor

Marcus Emerson
Photographer and Graphic Designer

Sachi Steams
Graphic Designer

Harry Xu
Video Producer

Heidi Cromer
Market Research Analyst

Tyler George
Web and Digital Strategist

Beatriz Carias
Marketing Specialist

Jordan Rothermund
Graphic Designer

Keeshia Kamura
Production Designer

Gayle Yelvington
Marketing & Creative Services Assistant