Meet the Staff

Myrna May

Director of Academic Information and Graduate and Professional Studies Records

  • Graduate and Professional Studies Records Administrator
  • Liaison to University Administration, Faculty, and University Offices for Academic Policies
  • EAB Campus Records Lead
  • Workday Records Lead
  • Records Office Commencement Coordinator
  • Academic Catalogs
(619) 849-2505

Hilary Greene

Assistant Director of Graduate Records

  • Consultant/Liaison for Adult Degree Completion (ADC) Programs
  • Graduate Records Grading Supervisor
  • Graduate/ADC Advising Guide Maintenance
  • Graduate/ADC Commencement Assistant
  • Graduate/ADC Diploma Processing
(619) 563-2861

Jen Klotz

Records Office Assistant

  • Verification of Academic Information
  • Permanent Name and Address Maintenance
  • Transcript Requests and Processing (Interim)
(619) 849-2289

Caitlyn Koroly

Transcript and Transfer Specialist

  • Transcript Requests and Processing
  • Assists with Transcripts/Transfer Data Entry
  • Permanent Name and Address Maintenance
(619) 563-2897

Kendra Fawcett

Academic Records Specialist, Graduate and Professional Studies

  • Grading Specialist
  • Course Schedules
  • Graduate Transfer Credit
  • Graduate Degree Posting
(619) 563-2879