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Campus Pastors

Mary Paul headshot

Mary Paul, D.Min.

Vice President for Spiritual Development
(619) 849-2655

Brian Becker

Director of International Ministries
(619) 849-2679

Dana Hojsack Headshot

Dana Hojsack

Director of Community Ministries
(619) 849-2678

Esteban Trujillo Headshot

Esteban Trujillo

Associate Director of International Ministries
(619) 849-2542

George Williamson

Director of Worship Arts
(619) 849-2610

Melanie Wolf Head Shot

Melanie Wolf

Director of Discipleship Ministries
(619) 849-2596

Support Staff

Alice Corbin Head Shot

Alice Corbin

Assistant to Vice President and Office Manager
(619) 849-2259

Lauryn Estrada Head Shot

Lauryn Estrada

Discipleship Ministries Assistant
(619) 849-3393

Arianna Farinelli Head Shot

Arianna Farinelli

Community Classroom On-Site Program Coordinator
(619) 849-3259

Maira Lopes Head Shot

Maira Lopes

International Ministries Assistant
(619) 849-2612

Charlie Lyons-Pardue

Chapel Producer & Creative Arts Coordinator
(619) 849-2708

Tyler Merrihew

AV Chapel Technician Liberty Station

Hannah Dominguez Head Shot

Hannah Dominguez 

Chaplaincy Ministries Assistant, Receptionist