Alumni from the College of Natural & Social Sciences have gone on to pursue their callings in many areas — from the sciences and teaching to business and more. Find out what some of our alumni have been doing since graduating from PLNU.

Tommy O'Neil, Class of 2017 Dr. Bill & Marsha McCoy, Class of 1976
Grant Abass, Class of 2016  


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Jasmine Myles in a Lab Coat Conducting Research

Jasmine Myles

Jasmine Myles shares her experience conducting research as a former PLNU chemistry student. Read more

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Yvette Henry Headshot

Yvette Henry

For many, middle school and math may not elicit fond memories, but Yvette Henry, a math teacher at Martin Luther King Middle School in Oceanside, California is trying to change that. Read more

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Evan Miller shows off a research experiment in his lab.

Evan Miller, Ph.D

Neurons are cells found in the brain and nervous system that transfer nerve impulses, and Professor Evan Miller, Ph.D. makes them change colors and glow. His team of researchers are doing this to make maps of brain activity and figure out how neurons communicate. Read more

Brandon Sawyer headshot in front of a brown shelving unit


Brandon Sawyer, Ph.D.

Dr. Brandon Sawyer, assistant professor of biology and kinesiology, has been on faculty at PLNU since 2013. We sat down with him to find out more about his background and recent research in maximal exercise and weight loss.

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Myles Vandegrift propels himself on a longboard by shooting air out of a gas chamber.

Myles Vandegrift

After 21 years as a science teacher at Olive Pierce Middle School in Ramona, Calif., and one year in his current teaching position at Francis Parker Middle School in San Diego, Myles Vandegrift (88) has no doubt the classroom is where he is called to be. Read more

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Nikki Romani Headshot

Nikki Romani

After graduating from PLNU with a degree in athletic training, Nikki Romani (10), like so many students, began her pursuit of a graduate degree. She prayed that God would open the right door. Little did she know then, a door would open, but it would be far from the one she expected. Read more

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Andie Sherman holds a children's book that talks about human anatomy.

Andie Sherman

Pediatric doctors and nurses treat children and adolescents when they are in the hospital, but as a Child Life Specialist, Andie Sherman helps patients and families in the hematology and oncology unit at Rady Children’s Hospital cope with the physical and emotional challenges that come with a medical diagnosis. Read more

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Ryan Weiss Headshot

Ryan Weiss

Ryan Weiss is just working on curing cancer, no big deal. He graduated from PLNU in 2008 with a degree in chemistry, and then received his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Read more