Department of Mathematical, Information & Computer Sciences

If you enjoy the challenge of solving a puzzle, finding the solution to a difficult problem, or tinkering with the computer programming languages that make up our complex digital landscape, the Department of Mathematical, Information & Computer Sciences (MICS) may be just the right place for you.

The MICS department is dedicated to helping you discover your calling and how your academic abilities connect with that call. Our department is committed to maintaining a curriculum that provides you with the tools to be productive, the passion to continue learning, and Christian perspectives that provide a basis for making sound professional decisions. As an MICS graduate, you will be prepared for careers and graduate study in the fields of mathematics, computer science, and information systems by learning how to design software, create mathematical models, build and secure computer networks, analyze data, write code, manage technical projects, and much more.

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Our department features a highly skilled team of professors who share their wealth of knowledge with students in and out of the classroom. The personal attention of the faculty and our innovative learning environment will help you grow professionally and personally. The accomplished faculty can also provide opportunities for you to experience modern technology and current real-world applications by helping you find an internship or mentoring you through a research project, where you can explore topics such as random number generation, cryptography, artificial intelligence, biomathematics, data analysis, and image analysis. All this and more will be available to you in a collaborative environment of students and faculty alike.

Our department also oversees mathematics placement for current undergraduate students and incoming freshmen. Read more about the mathematics placement test.


Our faculty serve as both teachers and mentors, committed to guiding you toward a full and purposeful education. By helping you explore thought-provoking and influential ideas and engage complex and difficult questions, you'll have access to an environment devoted to the pursuit of truth. An education at PLNU is both transformative and meaningful.

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