Residential Life

Living in a residence hall can be a significant part of your time at PLNU. We see it as a challenging, rewarding way to live out our commitment to being a Christian community.    

Each of our residence halls has a resident director (RD), a full-time staff person who lives and works in the hall. We also have a committed team of student resident assistants (RAs) who live and work in the halls.

Explore the Residence Halls

Warm sun rays fall on the south facing exterior of Hendricks Hall
Hendricks (incoming freshmen men and women)
Early morning sunshine warms the entrance of Klassen Hall.
Klassen (incoming freshmen men and women)
The entrance to Nease Hall.
Nease (incoming freshmen men and women)
The entrance to Goodwin Hall is adorned with bright pink flowers and large cacti.
Goodwin (transfer men and women)

Incoming Freshmen Residence Halls


Young (sophomore and junior men and women)
The exterior of Wiley Halls two buildings with joined entryway.
Wiley (sophomore and junior men)
The center courtyard of Finch Hall with palm trees and grassy lounging space.
Finch (sophomore and junior women)
Golden hour sunlight over PLNU's Flex Housing Units
Flex Housing (junior and senior men and women)
Colony Apartments (junior and senior men and women)

Other Residence Halls


More Residence Hall Photos

What to Bring

No, you don’t need to pack your own toilet paper. Yes, please bring fitted sheets and your favorite pillow. For the complete list of what will be in your room when you get here, what not to bring, and what we suggest based on hundreds of move-ins, download the What to Bring List.

Headshot of Daniel Kwon

Student Profile

Daniel Kwon

Daniel Kwon (13) writes about his experience as a PLNU resident assistant (RA).

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Freshmen First Four

Making the big move to college is something we take seriously — but not too seriously. For the first month of school, we have something called First Four.

Week One

Starting this first week and for the next three weeks, you'll have a community dinner at your freshman residence hall. You'll talk with fellow students and staff about transitioning to life in college.

Week Two

You'll share dinner at your freshman residence hall again, and we'll cover topics such as managing life, making friends, taking care of yourself, building your faith, and navigating other college life skills.

Week Three

The good conversation and delicious food continues at your freshman residence hall.

Week Four

Celebrate your first month of college at a block party at Young Hall, the sophomore hall overlooking the ocean. You'll have the chance to meet some older students and commemorate your launch into college. There will be a BBQ with treats and a raffle with tons of prizes.