Federal Direct Loans

Federal Direct Loans are low interest rate loans all students can apply for, provided they have filed a FAFSA and meet the criteria to receive federal aid.

Federal Parent Plus Loan

The federal Parent PLUS Loan is a credit-based loan for parents (or step-parents) of dependent undergraduate students. A FAFSA is now required to apply for a PLUS loan.

Federal Nursing Student Loan

The Nursing Student Loan is a federally subsidized, low-interest rate loan for students accepted and enrolled in the PLNU nursing program who demonstrate exceptional financial need. Pre-nursing students are not eligible.

Private Loans 

A private loan is another option for funding. A student should apply for a private loan after all federal loan options have been exhausted. This type of loan is based on your credit and may require a co-signer. Private loans are also available to parents.  See our Private loans page for more information.

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