Frequently Asked Questions

What COVID-19 restrictions are in place for campus tours?

To keep you and your family safe, we’ve capped our daily tours to a small number, to ensure you have the ability to keep your distance from others. Additionally, masks are required while on campus. We’ve also adjusted our tour route to keep our groups outside for the majority of your experience. As with any visit, please plan on rescheduling your tour if you’ve experienced any fever or flu-like symptoms as your tour approaches!

When is the best time to visit campus?

You can visit campus any weekday we’re open (just avoid major holidays!). During a typical year, we’d encourage you to visit the campus when classes were in session, so you could experience our community first-hand, but we currently aren’t offering any in-person class, chapel, or dining experiences for visitors. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience these options online, though! Let us know what you’re interested in when setting up your visit.

How far in advance do we need to schedule our visit?

We’re usually able to accommodate tour requests with 24 hours notice, but please note that tour capacity is firm, so if you’re hoping to visit on a day where both tours are full, we won’t be able to accommodate you.

I’m going on a campus tour. What can I expect?

Due to COVID-19-related restrictions and our ultimate concern for the safety of you, your family, and our campus community, campus tours feel a little different than normal right now. You’ll hear from one of our Admissions Counselors for a 15-minute informational session (with the chance to ask questions, of course) and then you’ll be shown around campus by a current student. The majority of our time will be spent outdoors, away from areas highly trafficked by our current residential students. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to take you inside a residence hall, the dining hall, and some other key areas. But don’t let that dissuade you too much – there’s no better place to spend the majority of your time outside than San Diego!

I want to meet with my admissions counselor. Should I schedule an interview or a meeting?

This season, our Admissions Counselors are working from home for the majority of each week.  They’d love to set up a virtual one-on-one meeting with you, though!  You can do that here.

I’m interested in visiting a class. How does that work? And can my parents join me?

Unfortunately, class visits aren’t an option this season. If you’re interested in what PLNU’s virtual class sessions look like, let us know when you’re setting up your visit! We’d love to share more information with you.

Can I stay overnight in a residence hall?

In order to keep our current residential students as safe as possible, we’re not hosting any visitors in the residence halls this season.

Do you provide accommodations for guests?

While we don’t provide on-campus accommodations for guests, we do have a partnership with Bartell Hotels, which have properties within 10 minutes of the San Diego airport and PLNU’s campus. They have seven hotel options that range in cost to fit almost any travel budget. Many properties also offer PLNU visitors a complimentary breakfast. Not only do these hotels provide up to a 15 percent discount for visitors — they also donate 10 percent of the total room cost to our University Fund, which benefits student scholarships. It's definitely a win-win!

Is transportation to and from your campus provided?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide transportation for visitors, but we’re less than 15 minutes from the San Diego airport and major train stations!

Can I meet with a coach while I’m on campus?

While our coaches love meeting with prospective students, we cannot always guarantee a meeting due to their busy schedules. If you’re interested in being an athlete at PLNU, please fill out our prospective athlete form. If you have questions or want to be in touch with a coach, you can find contact information for each of our coaches on our Athletics page.

Can I meet with someone regarding financial aid?

Absolutely, but not in person during this season! The Office of Student Financial Services is scheduling virtual one-on-one meetings each day. Just email or call (619) 849-2538 to schedule.