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The Beauty for Ashes Scholarship Fund supports survivors of human trafficking who are pursuing their first bachelor’s degree. The scholarship fund is rooted in the belief that an education at a Christian university is a critical long-term investment in the empowerment of survivors. 


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Through building relationships with survivors of human trafficking, we kept hearing the same message: they dream of a college education. In response, the Beauty for Ashes Scholarship Fund was launched in 2014, creating a pathway for survivors to attend Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) and achieve their first bachelor’s degree. As the scholarship has continued to grow, we have witnessed how an education at an intentionally caring Christian university is a long-term investment in the rehabilitation and thriving of survivors of human trafficking*. 

To ensure each student is set up for success, our team works with them throughout the entire process. This begins when potential students inquire about the scholarship, where we offer guidance on how to meet admission requirements through classes at community colleges. Once students apply and are accepted, we continue supporting them throughout their time pursuing a degree at PLNU. One former Beauty for Ashes recipient and 2018 graduate reflects on her experience:

I've come to realize how much bigger the scholarship is than any one person. All the hard work, dedication and faith that comes from everyone at CJR, BFA supporters, as well as the student, makes the success feel even greater. I feel above honored and grateful for my new life as an educated PLNU grad-- pursuing opportunities that I thought were only in dreams.

– Beauty for Ashes recipient and PLNU 2018 graduate

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Funded entirely by donors, the Beauty for Ashes Scholarship Fund has been supporting students since 2016. The first two scholars graduated in 2018, and we have now celebrated as six scholars have accepted their degrees at PLNU. To make the Beauty for Ashes Scholarship Fund viable for the long term – to support over 60 survivors who have expressed interest in attending PLNU – we need your help! Through a one-time donation or your monthly support, you can partner with us and make it possible for more survivors to study at PLNU. 

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In the spring of 2014, a dream began to grow that we could offer scholarships for survivors of human trafficking.
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Beauty for Ashes Scholarship for Human Trafficking Survivors