Information for New Students

Preparing for good health and success at PLNU.

Requirements prior to New Student Orientation:

  1. Physical Examination
  2. Immunizations 
  3. Online Health History
  4. Proof of Health Insurance 
  5. Find Local Healthcare Providers (if a condition requires frequent appointments)
  6. Arrange Transportation for Planned Medical Appointments 

Submitting documents is easy! Go to the patient portal to access instructions and all necessary information for submitting the health documents required by the Wellness Center. Once complete, submit all forms through the patient portal. If you cannot access your required health forms from the patient portal, you can download and print them.

Don't forget to bring these forms to your doctor’s appointment to be completed and signed off by your healthcare provider. The deadline to submit your documents for fall semester is July 1. The deadline for Spring semester is January 3.

Immunization/TB Screening Form
PLNU Physical Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a doctor?

Use your health insurance to search for a doctor through the insurance company website or call the company for assistance. Otherwise, there are many types of clinics available for those who have no doctor. Conducting a simple online search is a great starting place to find a clinic in your geographical area. Many drop-in type clinics (such as CVS MinuteClinic) are affordable and convenient. Make sure the scope of services offered includes the ability to draw and send labs, and a review of your previous records, including immunizations, for the physician to sign off on our forms. County/community clinics also offer health services, including immunizations, to assist with income-based health needs for those who meet eligibility criteria.

What if I can't get an appointment with my healthcare provider until after the form submission deadline?

Be sure to let the doctor’s office staff know you are in need of a physical for college admission; many times you will receive priority availability. If need be, ask to take the next cancellation. You will need to arrange for your physical exam and immunizations update prior to the July 1 deadline. Don’t put this off; make it a priority.

What should I do if my physician doesn’t speak English?

You will need to have the information on your physical examination and immunization verification forms and all your records translated into English.

I am an international student. Can I use my own insurance?

All international students must accept PLNU’s insurance policy. The PLNU Student Health Insurance Policy guarantees you will receive comprehensive ACA-compliant healthcare while in the U.S.

Will PLNU accept copies of my records instead of the forms?

Do not send your health records or immunization cards. All information must be submitted through the patient portal using only the required forms.

What happens if I do not meet the forms submission deadline?

You run the risk of seriously delaying housing and class registration if you do not meet the deadline of July 1. However, forms submitted late are better than no forms submitted at all. Be advised that students without immunization or TB information on file in the Wellness Center may be removed from residence halls and/or campus in case of a campus outbreak of an immunizable disease.

Do I have to pay for my pre-entry physical examination and required immunizations, or are they covered by the PLNU Student Health Insurance Plan?

Yes, students selecting healthcare coverage under the PLNU Student Health Insurance Plan should plan to pay for services. PLNU Student Health Insurance coverage begins August 1, well after the July 1 deadline for health information submission.

What if I don't have the money for the exam or immunizations?

Most communities have clinics that provide affordable healthcare services, including immunizations, for those facing financial challenges. Search for your County Public Health Center online for local sites.

I had a physical examination two years ago. Is this acceptable?

If you are entering as an undergraduate student, you must have a physical examination within the 12 months prior to the start of your classes at PLNU.

Who should sign the physical examination form before I submit the form on my patient portal?

The physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner who performed your physical examination must sign and date forms. Forms signed by a student’s parent (even if the parent is a physician or nurse practitioner) are not acceptable.