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PLNU Wellness Center Staff

Carrie Gunn Headshot

Carrie Gunn, RD

I am thrilled to have served for nearly 10 years as PLNU's nutritional consultant. My passion is bringing simplicity and freedom to the subject of personalized nutrition for our students. I specialize in intuitive eating, disordered eating, sports nutrition and I am a certified integrative & functional nutritionist.

Debbie Hickman Headshot

Debbie Hickman, Office Manager

I have been on staff at PLNU since 1996. I handle new student medical compliance, department billing, and supervise our student receptionist. I also love helping the medical staff however I can, including calming anxious students and doing vitals for patients coming in to be seen by the doctor or nurse practitioner.

Grace Hunter Headshot

Grace Huter, RN-BSN

I am a recent PLNU graduate and have worked in the Wellness Center since 2021! I have a passion for public health and higher education. My goal is to love, serve, and educate the PLNU community through the best practices.

Terrence Knock Headshot

Terrence Knock, Compliance Officer

I have over 5 years of higher education work experience and 11 years of compliance-related experience in the military. I work to ensure compliance with PLNU COVID-19 policies to keep students and staff safe during the pandemic.

Ellen Pearson Headshot

Ellen Pearson, RN-BSN

Hello! I am a nurse within the COVID-19 efforts of the Wellness Center and a recent graduate from PLNU. I have a passion for public health and learning about how I can better serve the student population here at Loma.

Lisa Roberts Headshot

Lisa Roberts, Family Nurse Practitioner

I joined the team in the spring of 2022 and I’m thrilled to call sunny San Diego home once again. I have worked in college health since 2015 and bring 30 years of medical experience. I am passionate about helping others and my goal is to always deliver quality, holistic care with input from patients on treatment plans and goals. When I am not at work, you can find me hiking, gardening, or spending time with my family.

Kaitlin Sorgea Headshot

Kaitlin Sorgea, COVID-19 Testing & Health Promotion Specialist

I am a recent graduate of PLNU with passion for interpersonal connection and a desire to contribute to the ever-developing world of science. I believe cultivating a culture of wellness starts with you, and I look forward to doing my part as a PA.

Charles Hardison Headshot

Charley Hardison, M.D.



Tyler Maskiewicz Headshot

Tyler Maskiewicz, Data Systems Engineer

Sometimes referred to as the "Quickbase Guy," I work to bring automation and efficiency improvements to our operational processes here at the Wellness Center. As a PLNU alum, I am wholeheartedly committed to PLNU's mission, and my work in the Wellness Center is one way that I get to participate in making it possible.

Jen King Headshot

Jen King, DNP, Wellness Center Executive Director

I bring over 21 years of healthcare experience, many years of teaching and mentoring nursing students, and leadership in the emergency room. Being physically, spiritually, and mentally healthy is one of our greatest challenges in life! I hope to share my passion for helping patients and clinicians seek best practices to achieve whole-person health.

Julie Westburg

Julie Westburg, Wellness Counseling Center, Office Administrator

I am a PLNU alum, specializing in leadership and management. I have had the privilege of working at PLNU since April of 2017. While serving in the office of the Wellness Counseling Center, I have the joy of interacting with traditional undergraduate students on a daily basis. I have over 25 years experience serving as a mentor to youth and have a heart to see the upcoming generation be empowered to live their lives fully by being intentional about their overall health. 

Carla Mack Headshot

Carla Mack, M.S., LMFT, Mental Health Counselor

I find working with PLNU students to be one of my greatest joys. I believe every student has a unique experience and deserves to have a safe space to process this ever-changing time in their life. I work with students throughout the school year who are dealing with mental health concerns and collaborate on their goals to help provide healing, growth and a further understanding of themselves.

Varina Peridon

Varinia M. Peridon, M.S., LMFT, Mental Health Counselor Supervisor

Working as a mental health counselor at PLNU since 2012 has given me the freedom to incorporate faith as a key element in the change process and is foundational to the work I am passionate about doing with students. I bring a unique perspective on the healing process from working in the social services and mental health field. My specialties are in crisis management, working with individuals on a variety of relational issues, areas of addiction, boundaries, and in developing a stronger sense of self.