Alumni Stories

Alumni from the College of Arts & Humanities have gone on to pursue their callings in many areas — from the arts and teaching to business and more. Find out what some of our alumni have been doing since graduating from PLNU.


Josh Miller, Class of 2014

Kim Jensen, Class of 2011
Lydia Kravchuk, Class of 2014 Dr. John Reynolds, Class of 2003
Channin Fulton, Class of 2014 Nell Sweeden, Class of 2002

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Male in green shirt and headphones around his neck looks into a camera viewfinder and replays a scene just filmed

Destin Daniel Cretton

Storytelling and introspection is at the heart of everything that Destin Daniel Cretton (01) does. Whether it’s detailing the inner workings of a short-term foster-care facility, deep diving the San Diego indie music scene, or profiling the real-life coming-of-age saga about a 14-year-old living alternating lives as an emerging adolescent and a vassal in a medieval fantasy kingdom, the 35-year-old can see a story in just about anything. Read more

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Bree Burris Headshot

Bree Burris

Telling the story of San Diego is her job. As the marketing and communications coordinator at San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC), Bree Burris communicates on a local and international scale that this city is far more than tantalizing burritos and killer surf. She gets to let the public in on stories of how companies and technological advances occurring right here are saving lives and changing the world. Read more

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Jeremy Carter headshot for Communication and Theater

Jeremy Carter

In his role at Hurley, Jeremy Carter gets to combine his passions for both working with kids and surfing as he heads up the digital portion of the Hurley Surf Club. Serving as a liaison between coaches and the kids who sign up for online video coaching, he has the opportunity to work with the digital team that maintains the Hurley website as well as be involved in the weekly Instagram post on Hurley’s social media channel. Read more

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Rick Jenkins exploring the outdoors

Rick Jenkins

Rick Jenkins is a strong advocate for the preservation of the natural world, not only for the enjoyment and recreation of visitors, but, more importantly, for the protection of the sacredness of natural spaces that have the ability to speak to and move the soul. Read more

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Ashly McGlone Headshot

Ashly McGlone

On an assignment for her Writing for Pop Culture class in 2008, Ashly McGlone (09) went to a fundraiser hosted by the La Jolla Democrats to try to ask then-U.S. presidential candidate, Barack Obama, some questions. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to ask him anything, but she learned something essential for her career: how to be persistent and not always take “no” for an answer. Read more