PLNU's nursing graduates are lauded among San Diego hospitals and clinics for their expertise and compassion. It's because they treat their practice as a sacred calling. Whether you're just getting started in your healthcare journey or wanting to advance your career, learn more about how to become the best nurse you can be with these resources here, as well as your bachelor's, master's, or doctorate in nursing.

Earning a Grad Degree in San Diego as a Veteran

San Diego is known for its large population of active duty, reserve, and veteran servicemembers. See how PLNU's graduate degree programs are set up to allow these professionals to continue developing their careers.

What is an RN to BSN Degree?

Every year, about 200,000 positions open up for nursing students to become licensed RNs. See what the process of becoming an RN entails and why should you consider earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

How Long Does it Take to Earn Your BSN to MSN?

Earning both your BSN and MSN degrees as a nurse can prepare you to work with patients and fellow healthcare professionals, while at the same time help you advance as an effective leader in the nursing field.

What is the Difference Between a Ph.D. and a DNP in Nursing?

There are two doctorates available for nurses looking to earn an advanced terminal degree – the DNP (Doctorate of Nursing Practice) and the Ph.D. If you are currently working as a nurse or are considering enrolling in a nursing graduate program, it’s worth thinking about which terminal degree makes sense to further your career.

Q&A with the DNP Director

Nursing professor, Larry Rankin, Ph.D., shares about PLNU’s DNP program and why it's more important for nurses than ever.