Located in the College of Health Sciences at the Balboa Regional Center, the 2,000 sq. ft. lab boasts 3 motion capture volumes using a combination of  28-camera marker-based (Qualysis) and markerless (Theia) motion capture and 9 force platform (AMTI) technologies for full-body 3D biomechanical assessments of pitching, hitting, gait, and functional movements. We also incorporate ball tracking (Trackman), bat swing (Blast Motion), and hitting simulation (Hittrax) systems to augment our biomechanical analyses.

Adjacent to the interior space of the lab, an outdoor 8000 sq. ft. turf area allows athletes and students to warm-up and get activated for testing with a suite of plyowalls, bands, weighted balls, dumbbells, and kettlebells for use at their disposal. 

Pitcher in the new biomechanics lab
Outdoor grass element of the PLNU Biomechanics Lab
Batting cage in the biomechanics lab
Biomechanics Equipment
Student using the biomechanics lab equipment