Graduate students working n Pitching Lab

A world-class biomechanics lab is only as good as the people running it. Led by Dr. Arnel Aguinaldo, our team of faculty and students from the MS-KIN program is the heart and soul of this lab, through which teaching and learning biomechanics are cultivated in a stimulating and enriching environment. It is our hope that all athletes whom we test will benefit from our research and experience as they strive to optimize their health and performance.

Founding Director

Arnel Aguinaldo, Ph.D., ATC

Arnel Aguinaldo, PhD, ATC

Associate Professor, Kinesiology
Founding Director, PLNU X Padres Biomechanics Lab

Lab Manager

Taylor La Salle Headshot

Taylor La Salle, MS

Adjunct Professor of Kinesiology
Lab Manager, PLNU X Padres Biomechanics Lab

Research Biomechanists

Ty Cardinale Headshot

Ty Cardinale, MS

Research: “Concurrent Validity and Reliability of In-Lab Markerless Motion Capture in Estimating Joint Kinematics in Baseball Pitching”

Avery Takata Headshot

Avery Takata, MS

Research: “Energy Flow and Impulse Predictors of Bat Speed During Baseball Tee Batting Using the LASSO Regression”

Stefanie Vidaurri Headshot

Stefanie Vidaurri, MS

Research: “Use of the ArmCare Device in Measuring Strength and Range of Motion in Collegiate Baseball Pitchers”

Biomechanics Lab Team

Graduate Student Biomechanists

  • Brendan Amend

  • Charles Arnold

  • Tyler Cardinale

  • Raquel Farfan

  • Azirele Garcia

  • James McCormick

  • Will Okazaki

  • Ivan Palomares-Gonzalez

  • Hughston Preston