Fermanian School of Business

There is a need for difference-makers in the marketplace — people who fully understand their unique passions and purpose, look for solutions where there are problems, are driven by creativity and innovation to find fresh ideas where none are to be found, and see people and communities for who and what they fully are. These individuals will pave the future of business today and tomorrow.

Challenging academics, strong personal development, and a values-based worldview have been the hallmarks of PLNU’s holistic education since our founding more than a century ago. That tradition continues to this day in the Fermanian School of Business. An undergraduate business major prepares you to become an effective business professional armed with the necessary knowledge, skills, and character on which to build a lifetime of selfless service and continuous learning. In the Daytime MBA for recent graduates, you’ll meet the business world up close and personal, gaining the expertise and experience you need to hit the ground running. With the Evening and Online MBA programs for working professionals, you’ll develop business knowledge and expertise that lifts and grows your career and enables you to inspire those around you.

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92% of PLNU business graduates secure a job in 6 months.
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Opportunities for Engagement

Developing into an individual inspired and guided by purpose doesn't only happen inside the classroom — it happens by coming face-to-face with new opportunities, people, places, and ideas. From networking with alumni and professionals to international study, connecting with local and regional organizations, and more, the Fermanian School of Business offers a wide range of opportunities for meaningful engagement in undergraduate and graduate programs.


Our faculty serve as teachers and mentors, committed to guiding you toward a full and purposeful education. By helping you explore thought-provoking and influential ideas and engage complex and difficult questions, you'll have access to an environment devoted to the pursuit of truth. An education at PLNU is both transformative and meaningful.

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If you would like to learn more about the Fermanian School of Business or any of our programs, please reach out to us!

Undergraduate Programs
Fermanian School of Business
3900 Lomaland Drive
San Diego, CA 92106
(619) 849-2305

Graduate Programs
Fermanian School of Business, MBA Program
4007 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 318
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 563-2856

Meet Our Staff

Undergraduate Programs

Daniel Bothe
(619) 849-2394

Lauren Marshall
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
(619) 849-2747

Kimberly Hogelucht
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Business Education
(619) 849-2685

Kristen Sabesky
Department Assistant
(619) 849-2305

Graduate Programs

Jamie Ressler, DBA
Associate Dean, Graduate Business Education
(619) 849-2721

Carol Cho
Assistant Director, Graduate Business Education
(619) 849-2272

Tiffany North
Program Coordinator, Graduate and Professional Business Education
(619) 563-2891

Graduate Admissions Team
(619) 329-6799  

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