Biblical Studies, minor

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Are you fascinated by the Bible? Do you long to have a deeper understanding of Scripture and its application to life? If so, pursuing a Biblical Studies minor, combined with any number of majors, will allow you to combine your passion for Scripture with your desire for meaningful work.

A minor in Biblical Studies can complement a host of other majors, diversifying and undergirding your education with an indispensable knowledge of the Bible. The skills you will gain in biblical interpretation, Bible study, and translation will help prepare you for a role as a Bible teacher, minister, church leader, or simply aid in your personal journey of biblical discovery. Whether you are called to serve Christ in the church, education, business, or anywhere else, these skills will equip you to construct your life on the foundation of Scripture and teach others to do the same.

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Michael Lodahl, Ph.D.

As you step into Dr. Michael Lodahl’s office, you’re instantly immersed into the heart of academia. Shelves brimming with countless books, ranging from rabbinic theology to 18th century philosophy, adorn the quaint, scholarly room.

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Cross at Sunset

Reclaiming Sabbath

How are we called to enjoy and embrace the gift of Sunday as a day set aside for rest, prayer, and God?

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For information about the courses required for the Biblical Studies, minor program, view the PLNU Catalog. 

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For most students, the transition into college life is one full of adjustments. There is the excitement of newfound freedoms, but also some uncertainty as you begin to make choices and take responsibility for your own future. 

At PLNU, we’re committed to supporting you — academically, professionally, spiritually, personally — so that you may be successful both in your time as a student and beyond. That’s why we offer a holistic support system that focuses on your unique experiences, particular needs, and personal and professional goals — resulting from our deep concern for you, our student.

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Career Opportunities

There are more resources than ever to help us understand the Bible, and yet many respected scholars have differing opinions or interpretations of the meaning of Scripture and its application of Christian faith. In a world of conflicting information, a good scholar (or just a well-informed citizen) studies the primary source. The research, critical analysis, and interpretation skills you will gain with a Biblical studies minor from PLNU will serve you both in your career of choice and in every matter of your life that deserves your independent thought.

A minor in Biblical studies can be a useful and natural complement within a variety of careers and industries, including:

  • Ministry
  • Domestic or International Law
  • Journalism
  • Domestic or International Business
  • Teaching
  • Nonprofit Organizations
Camille Pedersen (17)

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Camille Pedersen (17)

Sometimes our education can open the doors to possibilities we had never previously considered. For Camille Pedersen (17), PLNU was the catalyst for a career she had never imagined herself pursuing. 

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