Christian Studies, B.A.

Program Overview

Are you called to serve Christ and the church in ministry or missions? Do you have a passion to learn more about Scripture, God, and your faith? If so, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies will allow you to blend your zeal for Jesus with your desire for meaningful ministry and service.

After gaining a solid foundation in the fields of biblical history, philosophy, theology, and either Hebrew or Greek, you’ll be ready to select the concentration that will prepare you to answer the call on your life. Whether your heart’s passion is to see youth who are on fire for God, or to become a ministry leader, whether you want to further the Kingdom at home or abroad, a Christian studies degree from PLNU will prepare you to be the hands and feet of Christ.

With six concentrations to choose from, a Christian studies major will provide you with a broad understanding of God and the Bible while allowing you to focus your attention on one area of study. Alternatively, you can choose a general concentration, which will give you a broad perspective on Christian ministry, theology, philosophy, and the Bible.


  • Biblical Studies: Learn to identify the major context and content of the Bible, translate biblical texts into Hebrew or Greek, and apply the interpretation of Christian biblical literature to ministry in local church congregations.
  • General: Choose from among the courses in Christian ministry, theology, philosophy, and biblical studies that most interest you and will serve your vocational calling.
  • Leadership: Focus on what it means to be a leader both in and out of the church by diving deep into Christian leadership principles and practices, as well as building a strong foundation in biblical study and ministry.
  • Philosophy: Study philosophy as an intellectual discipline, learning to apply it to relevant issues bearing on the church and society.
  • Theology: Devote yourself to the study of God as an intellectual discipline and as an act of service, applying theological principles to those difficult issues facing the church and culture today.
  • Youth & Family: Learn to identify trends in contemporary youth culture and adolescent faith development, and apply your study of biblical texts, Christian biblical literature, theology, and philosophy to ministry to young people.


Course List

For information about the courses required for the Christian Studies, B.A. program, view the PLNU Catalog. 

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Student Support

For most students, the transition into college life is one full of adjustments. There is the excitement of newfound freedoms, but also some uncertainty as you begin to make choices and take responsibility for your own future. 

At PLNU, we’re committed to supporting you — academically, professionally, spiritually, personally — so that you may be successful both in your time as a student and beyond. That’s why we offer a holistic support system that focuses on your unique experiences, particular needs, and personal and professional goals — resulting from our deep concern for you, our student.

With a focus on authentic relationships and personalized attention, our goal is to help transform you so you can follow your calling in your own career and life.

Student Support

Career Opportunities

The skills gained by every Christian studies student at PLNU are applicable across a range of careers, with ministry, education, and law being some notable favorites of PLNU Christian studies majors. PLNU cultivates passion, professionalism, and a values-driven approach to work in a context that combines your intellect with your faith and equips you to become a purposeful and trustworthy leader in ministry.

At PLNU, our Christian studies program focuses on two goals:

  • Helping you gain a solid foundation in the fields of biblical history, philosophy, theology, and either Hebrew or Greek
  • Ingraining the skills of research, critical thinking, and writing to prepare you for ministry

Additionally, with six concentrations to choose from, you will graduate PLNU ready to be a steward and servant in many different prepositions within a church.

What can you do with a Christian studies degree?

Recent alumni have gone on to work as pastors, youth ministers, and children’s ministers in local churches; served as chaplains in various government and social service agencies; and joined mission agencies, nonprofit ministries, and social justice initiatives.

Some of the positions our graduates currently hold:

Head/Senior Pastor

2020 Median annual salary: $41,637

Head pastors take responsibility for offering care and spiritual leadership in churches. They lead most services in the prayer and message while also helping plan community events. Their other duties and responsibilities include teaching and management of the ministry of the congregation. 

Necessary attributes and skills:

  • Accountability and loyalty to calling and congregation
  • Humility and honesty to maintain the trust of the congregation and the integrity of the church 
  • Leadership based on service
  • Creativity to develop curriculum for church programs including Sunday school and discipleship training
  • Communication to mentor ministerial candidates as well as provide training, advice, counsel, and opportunities for experience in various aspects of ministry

Youth Director

2020 Median annual salary: $42,343

Youth Directors plan and organize programs and activities for children and teens at churches, community outreach organizations, or social service programs. Their work can help a community flourish by providing additional education programs and activities to kids in need and creating alternative after-school activities, such as sports, arts, or recreation programs, that provide safe and productive environments. They also are influential figures in ministering and leading students to develop and hone their faith. 

Necessary attributes and skills:

  • Leadership to train and supervise staff
  • Creativity to encourage and foster program model advancement and sustainability
  • Active and high energy to engage students and young adults
  • Solid understanding of youth development
  • Strong communicator and writer to present program outcomes and goals

Community and Social Service Specialists

2020 Median annual salary: $46,770

Community and social services specialists help individuals in need find government and private assistance programs. They coordinate activities like community outreach and social service programs to engage the neighborhoods within their reach. Their clientele ranges from people with psychological or addiction problems to lower-income families. Within the context of a Christian studies degree, this position presents opportunities to apply the learned skills of service, critical thinking, and writing to actively help those in need. 

Necessary attributes and skills:

  • Assisting adults and/or children with developmental disabilities
  • Open communication and non-judgemental interviewing abilities
  • Problem-solving skills specific to client’s needs
  • Networked and connected with individual and family service programs, hospitals, substance abuse treatment centers, and social advocacy organizations
  • Thorough knowledge of overall direction and mission for partnering organizations


2020 Median annual salary: $35,038

Missionaries typically travel to communities outside of their local cities to serve and support relief efforts, while also sharing their personal testimonies and religious beliefs. Missionary work varies depending on where the individual or group of missionaries are going. They can travel and minister internationally or within local communities. The missionary’s responsibility is to their church or missions agency and their belief in God.

Necessary skills and attributes:

  • Networking to build relationships within one’s own community and then transition into larger endeavors
  • Fluency in multiple languages depending on where one is traveling
  • Leadership based on service
  • Creativity to develop curriculum for church programs and discipleship training in other cities or nations
  • Communication to mentor, advise, and counsel the people with whom they interact 

Develop your spiritual growth and biblical knowledge to make a difference in society

With a Christian Studies B.A. from PLNU, you will be prepared in your future pursuits whether it be within your own community or across the globe. Not only will you be a more articulate, creative, and critically thinking individual and Christian, but you will also gain a robust understanding of how these skills can be utilized to serve in ministry as a more informed and connected person to history, humanity, and faith. 

Take the first step and apply to PLNU today, or get connected with one of our counselors here for additional support and to answer any questions you may have.

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