Flex Apartments

Checkout one of the layouts of a Flex Apartment for upperclassmen at PLNU.
A living room in the Flex Apartments, complete with sofas and an ocean view.
Some living rooms in Flex Apartments have an ocean view.
A large bedroom in the Flex Apartments.
There's plenty of space to live and work in your Flex Apartment.
A room configured for three residents in Flex Apartments.
Each apartment features one two-person room and one three-person room.
A full bathroom in Flex Apartments.
There are two bathrooms in each Flex Apartment.

Flex Apartments


Flex Apartments consists of nine buildings that make up 63 two-bedroom, apartment style, living units which house junior and senior men and women. Each apartment features one two-person room, one three-person room, two bathrooms, a living and dining room, and kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with a stove, refrigerator, and one large recycling container.

There are three laundry room buildings throughout Flex with machines for students to access. There are also three separate areas containing a large trash bin and a recycling receptacle.

PLNU provides each on-campus resident with a desk, chair, a trash and recycling bin, an extra-long twin bed, mini blinds, as well as a closet and dresser. All residents must purchase a meal plan in accordance with housing requirements.

View the recommended packing list.


  • Wireless & Lan Internet Connection
  • Bike Storage
  • BBQ Grill
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Sustainable Living Practices
  • Typical Apartment Dimensions:
    • Bedrooms: 11’ x 16' (176 sq ft)
    • Living Area: 23' x 12’ (276 sq ft)

Contact Info

Andrew Kamemoto Headshot

Andrew Kamemoto

Assistant Resident Director, Flex Housing
Office Location: Flex 45